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Niche Service Area Pages within a Town Location

Depending on the business, there may be instances where a business is able to create Niche service area pages to highly target an area within a Town.

Given the size of a town there is a finite amount of similar businesses that would be able to operate within it’s location ( 8 plumbers, 4 florists, 3 barbers etc ) and your site if structured correctly, your site should already be naturally positioned for Location based searches for the main Town.

Depending on your business, could you be targeting more specific areas within your Town?


Niche Service Area Landing Pages in a Town Location


For this article we will be using an average sized town in the UK.


Corby Northamptonshire Business


Town: Corby in Northamptonshire.
Population: 61,255 at last census
Restaurants: 30
Cinema: 1
Library: 1
Train Station: 1 Midlands Main
Hotels: 6
Schools, Colleges: 5
Split: 2 Business / Industrial Areas, Official Town Center, 7 Residential Areas


An Electrical Contractor may want to target the 2 Industrial / Business Areas : Earlstrees Estate, Willowbrook Estates.

An Estate Agent may want to target certain residential areas : Little Oakley, Great Oakley or Priors Hall.

A Cab company may want to target: Train Station, Town Center, Main Shopping Areas.

Certain niche areas that make sense for that business.


Creating Service Area Landing Pages in a Town Location


The first golden rule of service area pages always applies, even within towns, is that you don’t create a service area page unless you can create unique and relevant content for that page.

Service Area pages should be ideally located in top line navigation.

Title Tag: Business Name – Type of Service in ( Specific Area ), Town

H1 Tag: Type of Service in ( Specific Area ), Town

Introduction section should be about you and the business, related to the area and experience with the area.


Service Area Pages - Local SEO


H2: Services

This is where you will have to create specific localized content unique to the area / service that you are offering. You will need to think about what you can use / create that is of benefit to the user, but also location specific.

The Estate Agent may use property price indexes for the area, location and distances from area to amenities, they may include any future county council plans for development, local mortgage agents etc.

The Cabbie could include a timetable of regular trains at the station, you could even push the boat out and pull in the time table live via API. The Main Town center cab station could create an events list when the town will be short of parking, could include winter, summer opening times for the main shopping precinct.

The Electrical contractor could mention any unique situations for each location like access to ground works, typical timelines for ground works, who supplies the main power to each area, pat test calendar for the area.

You can now see, why the golden rule applies, before you create a service page you need to be familiar with the area to be able to provide unique user focused content.

H3: Additional

Embedded area map. Testimonial specific to area ( business / people ) and any other resources you may have.


  • Title: Business Name – Service, Area, Town
  • H1 : Service, Area, Town
  • H2: Services
  • H3: Additional
  • Provide specific and unique details about the area that is useful to user and conveys your understanding and authority within the area.