Map Registrations and Fake Reviews


Google has taken action on 37 reviews deemed to be Fake / Spam on the Map Registrations, Google Business Page.

Google Removes Fake Reviews from Map Registrations Leeds

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I have written about Map Registrations and their business practices twice before, and I still get around 50 emails a month from businesses asking for help after Map Registrations holds their Google Business Page to ransom.

Today after helping another one of their customers, I noticed that Map Registrations had 75 great reviews on Google, pull the other one … really!. I mean these guys even have their own page in Scam Watch.

So I did a little digging and you be the judge, if these are real or fake reviews.


Map Registrations Fake Reviews


Map Registration Reviews

Their current Google Reviews

I have used screenshots as I suspect these will be removed rather quickly, either by Map registrations or the spam team.

A lot of their reviewers like to use the same car finance it seems. Now they may be doing some cross marketing which would be great, but its rather odd considering Map Registrations create Google business pages, that none of the reviewers have linked their business page to their Google account, that they are apparently so happy with.


Map Registrations Fake Google Review


And what would be the odds at the bookies that a load of their customers also use the same PAT Testing electricians?


Map registrations and Fake Reviews



With Google reviews you do get a lot of “empty” user profiles, however Map Registrations is in the business of creating Google business pages, rather odd that these users are not using their new business page or at least linking their account to their business page.

There are other reviewers that happened to use the same florist in Canada, the same health club in New York, the list goes on.

I’ll leave you to make your own mind up about this businesses operating methods.

Remember creating your Google business page is FREE.


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