Map Registration is NOT part of Google: Get your Business Listing Back!

I have just received my first phone call of 2017 from yet another desperate business being strong armed by Map Registrations. Let me be crystal clear about a few things:

  • Map Registrations is NOT part of Google
  • You do not have to pay for a Google Business Page (Its Free from Google)
  • Map Registrations does not Own your Google Business Listing.


I have reported Map Registrations to Google My Business many times, but until they have proof that Map Registrations are claiming to be Google or affiliated with Google there is little that Google can do. If you happen to have any proof (emails, recorded conversation) with them stating this, then please email or call me.

I would also recommend contacting your local Trading Standards and reporting them.


Get your business listing back from map registrations


In the matter of payment demands from Map Registrations, I cannot give legal advise, so speak to your solicitor about your options especially their “rolling contract accepted over the phone”.

Oral agreements can form legally binding contracts. If they have been recorded this makes the contract easier to prove.
In order for the oral agreement to be a contract it has to contain:

  • An offer
  • An acceptance of that offer (or a counter-offer and an acceptance of the counter)
  • An intention to create legal relations
  • Consideration (the things being exchanged must be real, quantifiable, exchangeable things)

If the oral agreement is constituted by those things, then it will be a contract and thus is legally binding. The recording purely makes it easier to prove that the contract exists.

Please draw your solicitors attention to the Google My Business Guidelines:

Additional Guidelines for Authorised Representatives

Any individual or company that manages business information on Google My Business for a business that they don’t own is considered to be an authorised representative. For example: a third-party SEO/SEM company; a friend of the business owner; an online ordering, scheduling or booking provider and an affiliate network provider (or Map Registrations)

Expand: Authorised representatives must:

  • Never claim a business listing without express consent from the business owner.
  • Never make false, misleading or unrealistic claims.
  • Never use harassing, abusive or untrustworthy tactics with potential or existing customers.
  • Always work directly with the business owner to complete verification. Find out more about verification
  • Always ensure that the business owner understands what Google My Business is and where Google My Business data is used.
  • Authorised representatives should share the following resources with the business’s owner:
    – Google My Business: Be Found
    – About Google My Business
    – Edit your business information
    – How Google uses business information
    – Someone else verified my business
  • Always keep the business owner informed about which actions the authorised representative will take on the business listing.
  • Always follow Guidelines for representing your business on Google. Note that the phone number and website for a listing should always be the single, authoritative phone number and website for the business and be verifiable by the business owner. Website content must be owned and managed by the business owner.
  • Always respond to management access requests promptly, and always transfer listing ownership to the business owner immediately upon request. Authorised representatives must, whenever possible, encourage the business owner to create an account, own the listing and add authorised representatives as managers. Find out more about transferring ownership
    Failure to adhere to these policies may result in a suspension for the listing and/or account.

In the mean time, I recommend that you request ownership of your Google business listing back from Map Registrations.


Request Your Business Page Back From Map Registrations


The following only works if you have a local listing ( address visible in business page ). If they have created a service area busienss page (address not visible in listing) then skip the request ownership and contact business support.

You need to have a Google registered account. If not,  you can create one in Step 1, when login is required.


Step 1: Google My Business


Go to Google my Business:

Get on Google:
Sign In, with Google Account

Google My Business


Step 2: Select Your Business


Start by typing in your Business Name.

A selection of business that match that name will appear.

Select your business.


google business page - select the business


Step 3: Request Admin Rights


No, the business is currently managed by someone else.

Is this business verified by a user whom you’re able to contact?

Fill in the Form Using:
I wish to request ownership transfer.



Request Admin


After sending the form, you should receive an email confirmation and or a telephone call from Google Maps within 3 working days.

They will need to determine your ownership of the business and allow the current owner “Map Registrations” to transfer ownership. If they fail to do this within a reasonable time ( usually 7 days ) you can contact Google Business Support.


Contact Google Business Support


You can try this link direct to Business Support
If it is not working then follow the steps below to contact business support via your business dashboard.


Step 1: Business Dashboard


Go to your Google My Business Dashboard:

Sign In, with Google Account.
If you do not have any business locations already listed, it will prompt you with an accept T&C’s.

Top Left hand corner menu.
Select Support.

Google Business Dashboard - Support Option


Step 2: Contact Support


Once you have clicked support, a help menu pops up on the opposite side of the page. Scroll down the help options to the contact us options.

If the phone support option is not available, then it is currently out of office hours at the support center, however you can still use email option and a support rep will get back in contact with you.

Contact Google Business Support

Once you have claimed ownership back from Map Registrations, make sure to remove them from the management of the business page.

Don’t forget to email me with any proof you may have of Map Registrations purporting to be affiliated with Google.


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