Local Google Plus and Social Media Marketing

As Google Plus gains momentum, all SEO’s are working hard at how to maximize the potential of Google Plus.  This is an unprecedented scenario because Google Plus combines Search and Social Media and is starting to combine all of Google’s other tools, applications under the Google Plus umbrella.


Combining SEO with Google Plus Marketing

At the moment we are still trying to understand how to SEO Google Plus, (it has only been live for 7 months) but we are working hard at this and some interesting results are starting to show. As mentioned above, there has always been two  distinct areas, social media and search engine optimisation based on search. We now have ONE that combines both.

google+ business page

 Create a Google Plus Page


I wont dwell this too much as you may already have a page and looking for the juicy information.

In a nutshell :

  • Create a Gmail account
  • Create a Google Plus account
  • Then add a Business Page to this account
  • Profile for business page is a 750×150 image, split into 5 by 150×150 images.


Update: Follow this for Easy Verification of Local Business Page

 Start Engaging

engaging on google plus


Start adding people to your circles. these people  should be based on your interests and for the business page, people and organisations related to your business. Your circles will also play a role in Google’s internal search (when you conduct a search on Google logged in), Google called this Search Plus your World.  The Theory being, the people you circle, people that circle you and pages that you +1 (like in FB speak) Google will provide a personalised search, this will offer recommendations based on your circle metrics.

+Dejan Seo shared some fantastic insight into some research on ranking within Google plus itself.  the search was for “SEO” now there were the really popular and well known people with a lot of circles BUT there were also people appearing with a low amount and even one without a single circle or following. There have also been a lot of post on G+ about whittling down their circles.

So the conclusion we have come too, with this limited testing period, is quality not quantity : Circle people that you will engage with, engagement seems to play a part in this factor.

Using Keywords

Fill in your Google Local Business Information



There is no evidence for this BUT as we are talking about a search engine, keywords will and do play a part in understanding what your Business page is about. As with all use of words, never overuse. In fact you will more then likely naturally do this. You will naturally post things about you, the business, you will have comments based on your business and you will share posts based on your business interests.

Make sure you fill in your profile areas and business details.

Don’t over-think this, but keep it in mind.

Google +1

Google +1


This is Google’s version of FB’s like button. With this button, you show your appreciation for the post and content.

When you +1 a page on a website you also get a chance to post to your G+ page. Google will also start to incorporate +1’s on a page into its ranking factors. What % it will play is still unknown as we have not had enough time to accurately gauge its impact. We are currently researching this and will release some data in the near future.



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