How to Contact Google My Business Support for Business Pages

How to contact Google My Business support has in the past been a little bit of a hit and miss affair, but it has become much easier to contact Business Support either by phone, email and on social media.


Options for Contacting Google My Business Support

Depending on the nature of support you require, we have provide a range of options:

  • Contact by Phone
  • Contact via Email
  • Contact via Social Media
  • Contact specifically for Verification Issues


New Google My Business Support Help Form

Google my Business has just released a new Get Help form:

The form will help direct you to specific teams based upon your issue.

The trick is not to get looped into a circle by looking at help documents!


Example of Contacting Support

Search Issue – It helps direct your contact to correct team
contact business support - search problem - online ownership

Select Best Possible Suggestion

contact business support - select issue - online ownership

Skip Recommended Answers – This is the loop you dont want to get stuck in.

contact business support - skip recommended answers - online ownership

Depending on how business support is and or in their business hours, depends on contact options provided.

contact business support - contact options - online ownership


Contact Google My Business Support by Phone

Two options are available to contact Business Support by phone:

1) Google My Business Phone Number: US 1-844-491-9665, UK 0800 169 0409 – Select option to speak to Google My Business Support (usually option 3)

2) Request a call back from Google My Business: Fill in the Form to request a call back / talk to a specialist at Business Support – call back is usually within 24 hrs.


Contact Google My Business Support by Phone - Online Ownership


Please Note: Phone support is only available Mon-Fri during US business hours.


Contact Google My Business Support via Email

Fill in this Form to contact Business Support via email, you can also request phone support in this form if you change your mind, but remember that phone support is only available during US business hours.


Contact Google My Business Support by Email - Online Ownership


Top Tip: Be succinct in your details, avoid rambling emails – Provide the facts and details.


Contact Google My Business Support via Social Media

You can contact Business Support via their social media channels:

1) Twitter: @GoogleMyBiz
2) Facebook: @GoogleMyBusiness


Contact Google My Business Support by Social Media - Online Ownership


I use Twitter support all the time and they are great. Remember, be succinct and have a little patience, they will get to you.


Contact Google My Business Support for Verification Problems

If you are having verification problems then by far the easiest method dealing with verification is this filling in this Verification Help Form.

Note: You must have requested postcard and waited at least 14 days, this applies to all the ways of contacting business support.


Google My Business Help Forums

Having a problem with your Google Business Listing and can’t get help from Business Support because it is relates to other business listings (not owned or managed by you), spam or visibility issues then give the Google My Business Help Forums a go.

Top Tips:

  • Pick the best category to post your problem in
  • Create your own thread, don’t post in someone else’s thread
  • Provide all the relevant details – links / screenshots etc


No matter which way you contact Google business support, please be succinct in describing your problem to help them understand and diagnose the issue quickly and efficiently.


If you are still having difficulty, Online Ownership also offers Google Business Consulting for those troublesome issues that you just cant quite get fixed.


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