Google Tests additional search box in Search Results

You may have noticed if you Google ‘YouTube’ that an additional search box appears within…

You will have noticed if you Google ‘YouTube’ that an additional search box appears within the listings for YouTube. Now this has been available since Google took over YouTube, however they are beginning to test the additional tool across other Search Terms.

Google is testing across:


Google test search box

All of these are high traffic sites with thousands of pages. Once testing is complete, we are not sure why the testing, it should be rolling it out across number 1 ranking sites. We all realise that ranking number 1 generally guarantees that you receive the largest percentage of hits for that term, by adding the additional search bar the site looks far more authorative and let’s face it visually appealing to click on, thereby increasing that traffic percentage again.

Traffic for Position 1 Listing

Ranking Position Traffic Level
#1 Ranking Position 1
#2 3.5 times less than #1
#3 4.9 times less than #1
#4 6.9 times less than #1
#5 8.5 times less than #1
#6 10.4 times less than #1
#7 12.3 times less than #1
#8 14 times less than #1
#9 14.8 times less than #1 (the worst place to rank on page 1)
#10 14.1 times less than #1

You can see from this that ranking #8 – #10 shows little difference in traffic, but it starts to rise very steeply as you move up the rankings.

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