Google+ Page Insights for Brands, Organisation Pages

Google Launches Google+ Insights or My Business Insights for all Google+ Pages, previously only offered to local pages.

Google+ Insights lets Google+ page owners better understand their audience and interactions with their content on Google+. This helps marketers better optimize content on Google+ for improved engagement.


Google+ Insights for Pages

Google+ Insights for Pages


In your Google+ Page .>> dropdown menu,  Home & Profile have been replaced with My Business & Google+ Page

Click >> My Business


Google+ Insights


Google+ Insights

Insights share statistical information on how users interact with your business information on Google. Insights data are not updated in real-time and may take up to 48 hours to refresh. Values are approximate and only significant values may be shown.


Insights for Google+


Google+ Insights: Visibility

The Visibility tab will show your page view totals, updated every 24 hours.


Google+ Insights - Visibility


  • Views: Shows total Post Views + Photo & Album Views + Page views
  • Photo views: Views of all photos owned by the page, including those never shown in a Google+ post but surfaced on other Google properties
  • Page views: Cumulative number of times the Page was displayed to the user on Google+
  • Post views: Cumulative number of times all page posts were viewed by users

All metrics in the “Visibility” tab can be broken down by 7 days, last 30 days, and all time.


Google+ Insights: Engagement

Under the “Engagement” reports, you’ll see how Google+ posts are performing, and in turn, optimize your content strategy.


Google+ Insights - Engagement


  • Actions on posts will show you the number of times a post was +1’d, commented on, or re-shared
  • You’ll also get a list of your most recent posts, along with the number of total views and actions per post
  • See “Stats on posts” (select first 72 hours when viewing a single post) to see what the shelf life of the post is after publishing
  • View public post ripples to identify key influencers per post
  • Average actions by post type shows what type of media generate the most social actions for your page (text, image, video). See which types of media generate the most engagement


Google+ Insights: Audience

On the “Audience” view, you’ll see a demographic portrait of your followers, with information such as:


Google+ Insights - Audience


  • New followers on your +page segmented from the last 7 and 30 days
  • Your followers broken down by gender and their age range
  • The geographic distribution of your followers, along with a chart that shows follower numbers and gender percentages by country

Google+ Insights offers a close-up look at your audience and a clear view of your page and post performance. From tracking the viral spread of a post to documenting your audience demographics, Google+ Insights gives you the tools to uncover trends and optimize your page and posts for improved performance and grow more deeply engaged followers.

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