Google+ Business Pages are Removed Permanently from GMB

This kids is what happens when Mummy and Daddy don’t want to be together anymore, it can get messy really messy. Over the past three weeks any newly verified Google Business Listings are not showing their Google+ business page in the Band Account, which means the Google+ business page cannot be enabled or created.

This has been an issue for the past three weeks.

Update: 31st October 2017

Google My Business has confirmed that enabling a G+ business page will no longer be available. Users will need to now create a G+ Brand page for their business on G+.


Whats Broken with Google+ Business Pages

There is currently no way to Enable a Google+ Business Page.

Once a Google business listing is verified, users can normally find the Google+ page version in the accounts drop down menu or by going direct to the Brand Account Dashboard.


Google+ Brand Accounts Page Not Showing Business Pages - Online Ownership


Switching to the Google My Business Dashboard and attempting to use the Manage Account feature is also broken.


Google My Business Accounts Manage Options Broken - Online Ownership


Whoops, Whoops, what kind of message is that?


Error Message when attempting to manage account - Online Ownership


Don’t Expect a Quick Fix

As with all divorces, these two are passing the buck. Google My Business tells me it’s not on their side of the system and Google+ is telling their TC’s a similar story.

For the sake of the kids (Business Owners), can Google My Business and Google+ please stop bitching and take ownership of this issue, this is not family court, you are Google.


Anything Else Broken?

Funny you should ask. Yup this divorce got messy very quickly and Google+ Business Pages still do not show any business details to users in desktop.

They have since updated the mobile version to show the businesses info but have not updated the desktop version. Pretty crazy that a Business Page on a Social media platform does not show the businesses details.


The separation of Google business pages from Google+


I will of course update this as and when this issue is fixed, until then the only option for a Google My Business Page is to use the Google Posts feature and other Social platforms.


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