Get My Business Page Back from Map Registrations

If you used Map Registrations service to create your Local Google Business Page and they are now asking for an admin fee to transfer ownership, forget it!

Follow these steps to get your business page back from Map Registrations.


Get Your Business Page Back From Map Registrations


Get Business Back from Map Registrations


This won’t happen overnight but you should get your business page back without paying the “admin” fee in around 7 – 14 days.


Create a Google Account


To Create a Google Account go to:

Once you create a Google Account, you can use that same username and password to sign in to any Google product. This applies if you created the account through the main sign up page, or through a specific product’s sign up page.


Google my Business : Create Account


Step 1: Google My Business


Go to Google my Business:

Get on Google:
Sign In, with Google Account

Google My Business


Step 2: Select Your Business


Start by typing in your Business Name.

A selection of business that match that name will appear.

Select your business.


google business page - select the business


Step 3: Request Admin Rights


No, the business is currently managed by someone else.

Is this business verified by a user whom you’re able to contact?

Fill in the Form Using:
I wish to request ownership transfer.



Request Admin


After sending the form, you should receive an email confirmation and or a telephone call from Google Maps within 3 working days.

They will need to determine your ownership of the business and allow the current owner “Map Registrations” to transfer ownership. If they fail to do this within a reasonable time ( usually 7 days ), Google My Business will transfer ownership to your account.


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