How to Link to your Google Business Page Reviews

Reviews help customers in their final purchase journey. Reviews for a business or product has shown to increase conversions by 28% and being a Local business, reviews on your Google Local Business Page are an important part of your Local SEO.

How to create a link to the Reviews on your Google business page


How to Link to your Google Business Page Reviews

UPDATE: 15th Aug 2017

Google has created a simple way to direct link to your reviews for customers:


To create a manual link to your Google business review page that you can send to customers or embed in an image you will need a Search Query (your Business name), lucoCID number and LRD number. You can also use one of several link generators listed below to create a review link.
Create a Review Link to Google Business Page

Create Review Link Manually

Personally I would take the 10 minutes to create your review link manually. If there is an update from Google and the Generators ( although very handy ) are not updated by the webmasters, then you have a defunct link and have to search for another.

You will need your:

  • Search Query: Business Name, as it appears on your business page
  • ludoCID number
  • LRD number
  • add ,3,5 to end of search query.


Locate CID & LRD number

Locate your business in Google Maps.
Scroll down the business information to view the reviews


Businesses CID and LRD number - Review Link


This will open up a new window to display the reviews.
The URL in the address bar will contain the CID and LRD numbers.


CID and LRD number for business review link


Create your link beginning with a search query:


Add your business name:


Add ludoCID number:


Add LRD number:


Add ,3,5 to end:,3,5


If you are happy, you can use the entire URL or head over to Google Url Shortener to create a tiny URL.

If you do not have any reviews then you will need to use another method to locate your LRD number by going through your business page dashboard >> See UKSBD Terry Simmonds Steps


Still Want to Use a Review Generator



Google Review Link Generator How to Create a Link to Write a Review on Google

Enter your details and Grade.Us will offer you a selection of links.



Google Business Review Direct Link Generator Supple

Supple use the Map api to extract your details.



PlePer Tools Direct link to google reviews review box generator

Add your map url and pleper will generate a review link. Some of the variants are now redundant.


Asking Customers for a Review


Incorporate asking for a review part of your customer service correspondence.



On behalf of ........., I would like to personally thank you for your business. 

We appreciate the trust you place in our company and strive to achieve excellence for you and all of our customers. Your review will help others customers know what to expect if they have not purchased from us before.

Please take a moment to leave a review on one of the following sites:

Other Review Sites ( you have a presence on )

Thank you for your business, support and comments.


Option 2:

If you like what we do, please consider helping us to reach others by adding your review of our service to this page.

Review Link


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