How to Create a Google Business Website

Google My Business launches their free website for business with a Google business listing that don’t have a website. From today when a business logs into their Google My Business dashboard you will have the additional Website tab in the menu. This Google business website is a single page, mobile friendly website that uses your […]

Google Business Websites Launched by Google My Business

Google Business Websites are currently being rolled out globally by Google My Business. The new Google business websites are completely free and available to all businesses that have a verified Google business page. The Google business website is a single page, mobile friendly site with business information being extracted directly from the Google business listing […]

Local SEO: Search Ranking Factors 2017

For the past several years, Moz has been conducting annual surveys concerning SEO factors. Those surveyed are known to be experts in Local SEO field. They are asked to rank the SEO factors in several categories order of importance when it comes to ranking well in the Google’s local search results. In 2017, the survey […]

The Day Google’s Spam Algo Died

The Day Google’s Spam Algos died. Literally just stopped working Kaput, Broken, Drunk, Useless and Game Over against Maps Spam and Spam Google business listings.     The mass of spam keywords are added into the address section, how did the algo not detect this?     Spammers are tacking advantage of the address situation […]