Google Posts for Local Business in Search & Maps

Google Posts via Google My Business rolled out globally and across the majority of local business categories. Creating a post on Google through Google My Business allows you to publish events, products and services directly and instantly in search and maps.     Currently Hotels, B&B’s, holiday cottages (Lodging Category) are not supported but Google […]

Optimizing your Google Business Website

The Free Google Website builder for Google business listings does not offer any real “SEO” optimization features at the moment. The intention behind the Google My Business website was to allow small businesses in developing countries the chance to create a simple, single page, mobile friendly website, that users could find out more about the […]

How to Create a Google Business Website

Google My Business launches their free website for business with a Google business listing that don’t have a website. From today when a business logs into their Google My Business dashboard you will have the additional Website tab in the menu. This Google business website is a single page, mobile friendly website that uses your […]

Google Business Websites Launched by Google My Business

Google Business Websites are currently being rolled out globally by Google My Business. The new Google business websites are completely free and available to all businesses that have a verified Google business page. The Google business website is a single page, mobile friendly site with business information being extracted directly from the Google business listing […]