Local SEO Branding Project with 2 Week Deadline

The ideal situation for any business launching a website, would be to work with a local SEO consultant to have all the fundamental elements in place prior to launch, however most businesses only realise they need an SEO consultant when the search results don’t align with their expectations. This business had launched the site 1 […]

Google Building Attributes for Businesses

In August Google announced that the Introduction and Description field is no longer editable in Google My Business. It is only displayed to users in Google+ and can still be edited in aboutme.google.com. The announcement included a tidbit on Attributes, “Editing of attributes, coming soon to all Google My Business views, will be an improved […]

Google Business Page Suspended for Spam, You May Never Get It Back

Repeated violations and spam suspensions on a Google Business Page can result in complete suspension forever! When you create a business page, you agree to the terms of service which are clearly laid out in the Google My Business Guidelines, yet business owners repeatedly violate these guidelines then post the obligatory “my business is suffering”, “Google […]

When Fake Good Reviews are Bad for Business

So you decided to hire a SEO company that would improve your visibility online, this included a review strategy, which turned out to be Fake Reviews and not from your customers, whats even worse is those fake good reviews are now becoming bad for business. Apart from fake reviews being illegal in the UK, any […]