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Verification Help via Status Tool for Google Business Profiles

If you are struggling to get your Google Business Profile verified, whether through Video, Live Chat, or the good old-fashioned postcard, the verification status tool now has additional options to enable businesses to get verification support.   Getting Verification Help To use the verification status tool, you must be logged into the same account you […]

Alternative Solution to Free Google Business Profile Website

With Google announcing the depreciation of its free Google Business Profile (GBP) websites in March, approximately 20 million small businesses are at a crossroads of finding an affordable yet efficient alternative to maintain online visibility. Google Business Profile websites were terrific for small businesses, offering a free, accessible, straightforward way to establish an online presence. […]

Reserve with Google Bug and Fresha Online Booking Button

The current bug affects businesses using Fresha for their Google Business Profile online booking button. This bug only affects users clicking the online booking button from Maps, Desktop is fine, and users can still use the booking feature.   Online Booking Bug Users in Maps clicking on the Book Online button from the business profile […]

Eveve Adding Restaurants to Platform Without Consent

Eveve’s restaurant reservations system and partnership with Reserve with Google are adding restaurants to the reservation platform without the restaurants’ consent. I can say this with confidence now after several restaurants have contacted me. Update: You can now remove the Eveve booking button from your business profile.   Eveve Reserve with Google Eveve is integrated […]

Google Business Cannot Control Incentivised Reviews

At the beginning of June, I showed the reality of how Google Business Profiles cannot detect fake reviews in this post. Fast forward two months (almost), one escalation and three follow-ups, Google Business Profiles still need to remove the original incentivised reviews, but they are growing daily.   The Uncontrollable Side of Incentivised Reviews This […]