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How to Add Your Business Services to Your Google Business Page

Hot on the heels of being able to add restaurant menus to a Google Business Page, businesses are now able to add a Services Menu to their Google Business Listing.


Add Business Services to Google Business Page - Online Ownership


Currently not being displayed in desktop KP but is displayed in mobile under “menu”. The menu display is an offshoot from the restaurant menu being rolled out first and they are working on displaying it as Services in the near future.


Business Services Appear in Answer Box - Online Ownership


A quirk from the whole menu offshoot, is that you can only trigger the answer box / featured snippet in search by using “menu”.


How to Add Business Services to Google Business a Listing

  1. Log into your Google My Business Dashboard:
  2. Select the business listing in dashboard
  3. Navigate to the info section
  4. Scroll down to “Services – Add or Edit”
  5. Select the pencil icon
  6. Add Service items
  7. Apply


Services in Google Business Page Dashboard - Online Ownership


Add Service Items to Services Section in Google Business Page - Online Ownership


Add Section: This could be Haircuts, Golf Lessons, Boiler Service

Add Item Name, the Price of the Item, then Items Description.

Select Add to create a new section and use the 3 dots to edit individual items within each section.


Listed Services in Google Business Listing - Online Ownership


Will the Services Menu be displayed in the desktop knowledge panel, not sure, but it would make sense to at some point because it already appears in mobile.